📱 How to Use your skincare consultant Vera

The smart skincare & Ai consultant Vera mobile app brings together our revolutionary products and state-of-the-art technology, creating a level of personalization that goes beyond anything we've presented previously. 
  • Expert digital skin consultations
    Snap a selfie and take our skincare quiz to get product recommendations based on your individual skincare needs.

  • Reach your beauty and wellness goals
    Track your skincare progress over time and make adjustments when you need it.

  • Personalized product recommendations
    Get personalized product recommendations once the app gets to know you and your skin.

Large-Lumispa-iO-Banner.jpg5 key features that will revolutionize your skincare routine

  1. Skin Consultation
    Snap a selfie and answer a few quick skincare questions, then see how the app analyzes your skincare needs to give you personalized product recommendations.

  2. Digital Catalog
    Browse and shop the digital catalog whenever, wherever the mood strikes.

  3. Shade Finder
    With just a quick selfie, you can virtually try on various shades until you find your favorite match.

  4. Selfie Timeline
    Store and review your selfies, then track your skincare progress over time

  5. Beauty Device Management
    With this tool, you’ll be able to sync your connected Nu Skin beauty devices to the app and get the most out of them while tracking your usage. This feature will be added in a future app update. Stay tuned for launch dates in your market for LumiSpa® iO, Nu Skin's first connected beauty device.

Among the app's array of distinctive features, the Selfie Timeline shines particularly bright.

With the Selfie Timeline, you can effortlessly monitor your journey and witness the enhancements in your complexion as you embrace our groundbreaking products. To get started, simply download the app here and embark on these five straightforward steps:

  • Step 1: After downloading the app, hit My Skin on the bottom of the screen, then tap Selfie Timeline, select Start Timeline and add a selfie.

  • Step 2: Make sure your selfie is perfect by ensuring you have plenty of lighting and lining your face up with the guided lines.

  • Step 3: Take a selfie every day as you use Nu Skin’s innovative products. After you’ve taken at least two selfies, select two and tap analyze.

  • Step 4: Analyze your skin’s progress by toggling between overlay and side by side comparisons of your selfies.

  • Step 5: Share your before and afters on social media or even just with friends and family!

The Vera app also includes other innovative features, including a Skin Consultation and Shade Finder.
Learn more about the app here or download the app today to start exploring its many features.

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