7 Powerful Ingredients Found in ageLOC Youth

Have you ever wondered about the power behind ageLOC Youth’s ingredient blend?  Acquiring LifeGen gave us exclusive ownership of a large anti-aging gene expression database. This proprietary knowledge has led to a deeper understanding of gene expression and the way specific ingredients target and modulate gene expression.

Using our proprietary gene expression research and the most robust anti-aging scientific literature, we selected ingredients based on their unique health benefits and their ability to positively impact gene expression related to our aging defense mechanisms. This led to the development our most advanced anti-aging supplement, ageLOC Youth.

After selecting these ingredients, we noticed that many of them are found in diets from all over the world—many of which are well known for their extraordinary health benefits in various cultures where these ingredients are consumed.

Keep reading to learn unique facts and health benefits of a few of the individual ingredients in ageLOC Youth!


purplecorn 670x300

 According to archeological findings, purple corn has been a staple food for thousands of years in the Andean Mountain Region of South America. Even in modern day, Peruvian people use purple corn to make a beverage called “chicha morada.” Did you know the purple color comes from its anthocyanin content, a health promoting compound? Some of the key contributions of purple corn include cellular health, heart health, and metabolic health.


quercetin 670x300 

Quercetin is found in apples, blueberries, and blackberries, but is particularly high in onions. It helps blood vessels to relax, an important part of our bodies stress response. Some of the key contributions of quercetin include heart health, joint health, and metabolic health.



citrus vioflavonoids 670x300

Citrus Bioflavonoids contribute to brain health, cellular health, and heart health benefits. Citrus peels are comprised of two distinct parts: the outer most colorful layer known as the zest, and the white spongy portion of the peel below the colorful zest where the citrus bioflavonoids primarily reside. Two principle bioflavonoids are known as hesperidin and naringin.


Fish Oil 670x300

Fish oil provides some key benefits including eye health, joint health, physical performance, and immune health. Did you know the highest concentration of the omega 3 DHA is found in the retina of the eye and in the brain? The fish oil in ageLOC Youth is in a concentrated form in order to fit all of the ingredients in as few capsules as possible.


Lycopene 670x300


Lycopene in the diet comes from tomatoes, guava, watermelon, and notably the gac fruit. The Mediterranean region is noted for its high tomato consumption. Lycopene is part of a family of antioxidants called “carotenoids” which are responsible for many of the vibrant colors found throughout nature. The placement and number of double bonds in a carotenoid’s molecular structure determines its color. Two examples include: red for lycopene and yellow for lutein. Some key contributions of lycopene include skin health, heart health, and cellular health.


COQ10 670x300

CoQ10 is found primarily in the mitochondria of cells to generate energy (among other functions). The body’s natural production of CoQ10 decrease with age, and food sources provide only insignificant amounts, making it all the more important to supplement with CoQ10. Some of the key contributions include metabolic health, physical performance, and heart health.


Rosemary 670x300

Rosemary is often seen in herb gardens. It is a fragrant culinary herb used in Mediterranean cuisine; it contains an active compound known as carnosic acid. Did you know that Greek scholars believed that wearing aromatic rosemary while studying helped to increase concentration? Modern science has investigated rosemary for its cognition and mood promoting benefits. Some key contributions of rosemary include brain health, cellular health, and heart health.

The seven ingredients we’ve highlighted here are part of a larger blend of innovative ingredients that make up ageLOC Youth. Each of these ingredients has its own unique set of benefits when considered alone. Together, they are even more effective. When combined into a single supplement, this unique blend of ingredients works synergistically to modulate gene expression to support six categories of Aging Defense Mechanisms in every cell and system of the body. ageLOC Youth is a revolutionary supplement designed to promote your youth span – the years you can enjoy life being more active, energetic, and healthy.


Written by: Tanner Gibb
Technical Communication & Education Manager Pharmanex

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