The Ultimate Anti-Aging Duo

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Does anybody want to age prematurely? Of course not! People want to defy their age and we do that through healthy living. Nu Skin has invested in innovative technologies that target the sources of aging to create game-changing products: ageLOC Youth and ageLOC R2. These two products complement each other quite nicely to form the ultimate anti-aging duo. Together they create a powerful combination that can help change your life for the better.



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ageLOC Youth is our most advanced anti-aging supplement. It promotes what we call “youthspan”, that is, the years you can enjoy life being active, energetic, and healthy. ageLOC Youth is based on innovative gene expression science that supports your body’s natural aging defense mechanisms, delivering youth preservation benefits throughout the body. In short, this is a product that provides all-encompassing benefits from your brain to your heart.



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Complementary to the benefits of ageLOC Youth, ageLOC R2  is formulated to provide targeted benefits for cellular energy and cellular purification. ageLOC R2 acts as an energy booster and detox to your daily routine. The combination of whole body youth preservation benefits combined with targeted cellular energy and purification benefits means that together, ageLOC Youth and ageLOC R2, make the ultimate anti-aging duo. Not only by delivering each product’s unique benefits, but also by converging on two key areas of well-being: physical movement and brain health.



No matter what your age, each day keeps your body on the go. Whether it’s riding bikes, playing sports, or playing with grandkids, it’s important to keep your body in motion. ageLOC Youth and ageLOC R2 each address different mechanisms of physical movement. Taken together you are getting solid support to keep you moving.


ageLOC R2 is specifically designed to support the mitochondria in your cells to drive your daily physical activities. Mitochondria are like tiny engines that produce energy for your body. Unfortunately, mitochondria decline in number and function as we age. Supporting youthful gene expression related to mitochondrial function is an innovative way to support youthful vitality. ageLOC Youth, on the other hand, supports gene expression influencing your body’s aging defense mechanisms, including tissue renewal and inflammatory balance. These mechanisms (and others) help to allow for comfortable movement and optimal physical performance.


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The type of intellectual demands we face change throughout life, but whether you’re focused on academic studies or you just want a quicker grasp on words and names — one thing’s for sure, we all need our brain to be performing at top notch. Brain health is a very broad benefit but there are different mechanisms that support different aspects of brain health. The mitochondrial support of ageLOC R2 powers mental acuity by creating brain cell energy. The brain requires a lot of energy to perform, especially as it relates to mental acuity – how sharp or focused your brain is. Complementing this benefit, ageLOC Youth supports aging defense mechanisms in the brain for healthy brain structure and function. This includes messages that are communicated from one brain cell to another, which is an essential component of cognition and memory. A double-blind clinical study with ageLOC Youth on brain health using fMRIs was completed, and while more details on the study will be released in the future, the initial results are very promising. It shows, by way of example, improved brain activity in resting brain regions associated with attention and memory.



Stay young no matter your age by keeping your body in motion and your brain vibrant and active with our ultimate youth preservation ageLOC supplement combination. If you have tried ageLOC Youth or ageLOC R2 independently, try them both together to feel the difference. If you are new and have never tried these supplements, what are you waiting for? The best time to start on your youth-preservation journey is today.

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