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Beauty Focus MultiBeauty

Beauty Focus MultiBeauty

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Beauty Focus MultiBeauty is an easy-to-take supplement that contains powerful vitamins to nourish skin, strengthen hair and nails, and protect against environmental stressors with Grapefruit and Rosemary antioxidants. Enjoy healthier skin, hair, and nails with one great supplement.

• A multinutrient, multi-benefit powerhouse.
• Helps protect your skin (and important skin proteins like
collagen and elastin) from damaging environmental
stressors, including photoaging.*
• Nourishes and strengthens hair and nails, rejuvenating
tired hair and brittle nails.*
• Promotes a youthful appearance.*
• Includes a comprehensive blend of beauty-loving nutrients
at clinically substantiated levels.
• Helps improve skin’s response to oxidative stress.*
• Provides skin with important antioxidants and nutrients.*
• Clinically proven to support healthy-looking hair, nails,
and skin.*
• Provides complementary nutrient support to Beauty Focus
• Helps improve skin health and prepare skin for better complementary benefits with Nu Skin® skincare regimens.

• Grapefruit and Rosemary Extracts—this clinically supported
combination helps protect your skin from environmental
stressors and improve skin appearance.
• Biotin—clinically shown to promote healthy hair and nails.
• B Vitamins—support healthy, vibrant hair.
• Vitamins C, E, and Beta Carotene—potent antioxidants
that protect skin from oxidative and environmental stress.
Vitamin C also helps support the synthesis of collagen in
your skin.

In a clinical study, after taking MultiBeauty once daily for 12
weeks, subjects were asked questions about their hair and
nails as part of a self-perception survey. These are the
percentages of positive responses.**
• My hair looks healthier: 64%
• My hair feels strengthened: 79%
• My nail appearance has improved: 64%
• My nails appear less brittle: 61%

These subjects also answered questions about their
perceived improvement in skin appearance. This is the
percentage of subjects that noticed improvement over
• Visible facial skin firmness: 100%
• Visible facial skin tightness: 100%
• Facial skin smoothness: 100%
• Facial skin hydration: 97%
• Overall facial appearance: 100%

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